Book Blitz: The Raw, Bold Truth by Joan Hammersmith

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Title: The Raw, Bold Truth

Author: Joan Hammersmith

Release Date: 14 August 2013

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When John B. died on January 26, 2001, he died sober. That was his greatest desire. In “The Raw, Bold Truth,” author Joan Hammersmith, Johnny B.’s widow, finishes the story John himself started in the late 1990s before he passed away prematurely. In this memoir, Hammersmith narrates the real story of the real Johnny B.-the man he was and the man he became.

John’s goal was to tell the story of his life: his childhood, filled with abuse, grief, and dysfunction; his struggles with mental health issues; his prison experiences; his addictions; and the journey of his recovery, including the tragic episodes of his relapses. “The Raw, Bold Truth” tells of John’s legacy as a leader, teacher, father, grandfather, friend, and husband.

Hammersmith then shares the story of her relationship with Johnny B., a multi-racial, ex-con biker who struggled to find final recovery from his past and his addictions before he took his last ride to seek his Creator. A compelling story of love and redemption, “The Raw, Bold Truth” communicates that recovery from addiction is possible, but it requires rigorous honesty-something John found only in death.

 ~ About the Author ~

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Joan Hammersmith is a writer, blogger, and consultant who earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the Unveristy of Saskatchewan. Hammersmith and her present husband live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and share a large blended family.

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