[Book Blitz] Dragons and Healers by Nina R. Schluntz (Enukara #1)


CoverTitle: Dragons and Healers

Author: Nina R. Schluntz

Series: Enukara #1

Release Date: 12 January 2018


A simple act of kindness from a human toward a dragon triggered the Enukara–giving the human the ability to heal the wounds of others. The dragon bonded to him was granted immortality. The price for this gift was simple. The dragon’s life was bound to the human.

The greed of dragons and humans was underestimated. For if an Enukara’s life was taken by another, they would inherit the immortality blessed to the dragon. Both human and dragon could steal this gift. The slaughter of all Enukaras quickly ensued, until one dragon killed his own Enukara.

The power he inherited was unfathomable. He hunted and killed every immortal who had slain an Enukara.

A new Enukara emerges who challenges the mindset of the immortal dragon and the Enukara hopes to alter the fate of humanity, by showing the dragon how to love once again.


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~ About Author ~

AuthorI live in America with my husband and our Kitty, a rescued Abyssinian.

I have four novels currently out of print that have been re-released as an abridged novella. They are a prequel to my science fiction novels, the Decompose Series: Amaranthine, Aurum, and Nacreous.

My romance novels are published by ManLoveRomance Press and always have a happy ending. Kale’s Paroxysm and Not a Big Deal. I also have a short story in the “Hope for Pulse” anthology. Nosy Neighbors, is my first paranormal romance and due out soon is my first book in a romance series about shape-shifting dragons, Enukara.

I grew up on a quiet farm in Nebraska. I’m an avid movie goer, so most of my blog posts will be a review of the most recent movie I happened to see. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and read a book too. Or… my favorite, I’ll see the movie then read the book it was based on!

Feel free to follow me on twitter, facebook, Instagram and my wordpress blog! If you can’t find me by name, try looking for Mizner13–that’ll be me.

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